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Why Ibogaine Treatment?

ibogaine treatment centersIbogaine treatment is proven to be the most effective and life-changing experience for those suffering from addictions serious addictions such as-
•Heroin•Prescription Drugs
When it comes to addiction, it is not only difficult for an individual to change their behaviors, but much of the difficulty lies in the change the brain must make. Drugs alter the circuitry in the brain. Thus, the brain struggles to accept the chemicals that are naturally being produced. Ibogaine treatment works by "resetting" the brain back to its natural state. The addict treats the root of the problem while restoring the brain to a state that would normally take years to achieve.

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Clinic Features

Ibogaine University is the highest rated Ibogaine clinic because we are the only fully medically equipped and legally licensed facility in the world. Our primary goal is the safety of our patients, making us the best choice for patients from the US and around the world.
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Ibogaine University Treatment Plan

Our Treatment Schedule

Once patients arrive in San Diego they will be picked up and at that point will be cared for as one of our own. When they arrive at our beachfront treatment center they will be greeted by staff and shown to their own individual room where they can unpack and relax….
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Ibogaine University Online Treatment Application

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Application for treatment has never been easier. Use our online application to find out if you qualify for treatment at our resort facility…
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Why Choose Ibogaine University?

Let us tell you exactly why Ibogaine University is the number one choice for anyone who is looking for Ibogaine treatment. This is not a choice we take lightly and we want to show you what separates us from other treatment centers.

First, we are the only facility with Dr. Silva--a medically advanced doctor who has devoted his life to Ibogaine treatment. He is the only doctor in the world who has treated over 700 patients without one fatality.

Second, we are the safest Ibogaine treatment center. We are the most medically advanced Ibogaine clinic in the world. Safety is our number one priority, and being medically ready for anything could be the difference between life and death.

Lastly, other treatment centers may talk bad about us and post "anonymous" negative stories about our facility that just aren't true. Let them. While they talk we are busy upholding a record that speaks for itself. No other Ibogaine clinic in the world has the facility and the know how that we have. This is why Ibogaine University is not only the number one treatment center in the world, but we are the safest and most successful treatment center as well.

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What is Iboga?

ibogaine treatment centersBecause of its natural properties, being derived from the African Iboga plant, Ibogaine has the natural ability to "reset" how the brain recovers from addiction. This entirely eliminates withdrawal symptoms making it much easier for a drug addict to overcome their current conditions and start fresh within a matter of a few days. Most drug addicts spend months, or even years, in treatment facilities trying to get through the painful withdrawals while the brain naturally alters its own chemistry. This is the reason Iboga treatment at Ibogaine University is should be the first and the last step to treating addiction...because it works!

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About the Iboga Plant

What is Ibogaine?

Found in the Iboga Plant of Africa, ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that is used to treat various addictions. A powerful hallucinogenic, ibogaine has dissociative properties and helps with addictions…
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Clarity From Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine for Treating Addiction

Ibogaine is a medicinal plant that is shown to have an upwards of a 70% chance in curing addiction. This powerful therapy is an alternative to other pharmaceuticals that do little but replace one addiction with another…
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Ibogaine University Reviews

From Ibogaine University Patients:

"For years I was using (heroin). I tried to quit many different times but I could never get through the first few weeks of withdrawals. Ibogaine not only eliminated my withdrawals but it gave me a clarity that helped me find a real reason to quit for good."

"Charles, thanks to you, Randy, and the whole Ibogaine University team. You guys have given me my life back."