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Why Ibogaine Treatment?

Ibogaine has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of addiction. It has the unique ability to detox people from opiates literally overnight. It takes away nearly all withdrawal symptoms and cravings for most people. It is a powerful plant medicine that produces profound visions of ones life and ones choices often leading them down the road they are on if they don't stop using. Ibogaine actually repairs or "resets" the brain receptor sites back to its natural state. Ibogaine treats the root of the problem while restoring the brain to a state that would normally take years to achieve.

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At Ibogaine University and All Souls Sanctuary we appreciate the importance of community in the healing process. We offer a comfortable beach front setting that makes the entire treatment process more enjoyable for patients, and less stressful for those sending their loved ones away for treatment.
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Our Treatment Schedule

Our guests arrive in San Diego where they are met by one of our staff. After a short 30 minute drive, you will arrive at our treatment center located on the beach in a secure gated community where you will be greeted by our staff and others being treated.
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Application for treatment has never been easier. Use our online application to find out if you qualify for treatment at our resort facility…
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What is Iboga?

ibogaine treatment centersBecause of its natural properties, being derived from the African Iboga plant, Ibogaine has the natural ability to "reset" how the brain recovers from addiction. This entirely eliminates withdrawal symptoms making it much easier for a drug addict to overcome their current conditions and start fresh within a matter of a few days. Most drug addicts spend months, or even years, in treatment facilities trying to get through the painful withdrawals while the brain naturally alters its own chemistry. This is the reason Iboga treatment at Ibogaine University is should be the first and the last step to treating addiction...because it works!

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About the Iboga Plant

What is Ibogaine?

Found in the Iboga Plant of Africa, ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that is used to treat various addictions. A powerful hallucinogenic, ibogaine has dissociative properties and helps with addictions…
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Clarity From Ibogaine Treatment

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a medicinal plant that is shown to have an upwards of a 70% chance in curing addiction. This powerful therapy is an alternative to other pharmaceuticals that do little but replace one addiction with another…
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Why Choose Ibogaine University?

What you can expect:Caring Staff Professional medical team One on one and group counseling Massage, physical therapy Daily heart centering & revealing group discussions Daily group meditation Daily exercise, Stretching/ adjustments Natural plant medicine ceremonies Sweat lodge ceremony Nature and adventure therapy (sailing, hiking, horseback riding) Yoga, conscious breathe work, mindfulness practice and art therapyOur ibogaine detox is extremely effective and most of our clients are eager to get home after treatment but removing the substances is just the beginning. It takes time to integrate the great gifts that ibogaine has to offer.If you are seeking tools for healthy living and healing we invite you to come visit us and see what's possible as you make this deep commitment to love and know yourself at the deepest level.

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Ibogaine University Reviews

From Ibogaine University Patients:

"For years I was using (heroin). I tried to quit many different times but I could never get through the first few weeks of withdrawals. Ibogaine not only eliminated my withdrawals but it gave me a clarity that helped me find a real reason to quit for good."

"Charles, thanks to you, Randy, and the whole Ibogaine University team. You guys have given me my life back."