A New Generation of Psychedelics

A New Generation of Psychedelics

new generation of psychedelics

new generation of psychedelicsTimes are changing in the psychedelic world. Old ideals are beginning to crumble and years of repression from a system that is failing are starting to break into a new paradigm. Psychedelics are stepping into a new light, and are starting to be recognized and further researched for the immense potential they have for healing by members of higher academia and the medical field. The panic that set into mainstream America over psychedelics in the late 60s catapulted these substances to be classified as a Schedule I substance that were deemed dangerous and without any legitimate medical use. The truth, however, is that many of these substances hold great healing power and have been used for thousands of years by people around the world. It has only been over the last fifty years that psychedelics have been seen in a negative light and been labeled as detrimental and with no medical value.

Fortunately these ideals are being shattered as psychedelics are starting to be seen without the fear based illusions placed upon them by repressive systems. The twenty-first century is proving to be open to a new way of thinking and people are beginning to see psychedelics for the potential they hold for healing at a deep fundamental level. Used for centuries, these substances have been an important part of many various tribes and religions. The Native Americans have and continue to use Peyote, in Peru it is Ahyawaska, and the Bwiti religion of Africa uses Iboga. More recently in the 20th century and into the 21st, there have been numerous studies conducted in relation to LSD, mushrooms, and DMT as powerful mechanisms that are fundamental in the healing process.

Psychedelics are beginning to be taken seriously for the immense healing power they hold. This is nature opening to pure consciousness and it has the potential to open up one’s mind and reset brain function to see things on an entirely different level. Taking certain psychedelic substances opens parts of the subconscious mind that holds people in states of addiction, anxiety, and depression and helps open the idea that things don’t really have to be this way at all. Through these breakthroughs with psychedelics one can see there is so much more than the mind has been conditioned to think.

The new generation of psychedelics is far different from the one of yesterday that has for so long been surrounded by fear and repression. These substances that have been used for centuries are shifting consciousness and healing in ways that no traditional treatment plans do. They transform on levels that are much deeper and help one to truly look at the issues that are causing them pain. They open the deepest parts in the mind and that may cause some fear because it makes one see things as they truly are, stripped of the masks and illusions. In order to truly heal and transform one’s life, this opening to one’s self is truly fundamental. One must see and process that which is holding them back, that which is causing them pain. This is difficult for so many to do and is why this pain is covered up through addiction, through alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications. People around the world are addicted to all kinds of things in order to cover their pain.

Psychedelics help uncover this pain and help guide one to the understanding necessary to process it. People are truly beginning to see this and are now taking this to another level with legitimate medical research on how these substances work to reset one’s mind and heal on a deeper subconscious level. The future is still unknown. However, with a proper medical mindset we may find these drugs bringing healing to many people in ways we never thought possible.

The past is the past, and let it be. Whatever uneducated decisions we made back then are done. We can only now hope for a bright future where medicine is free to explore every possibility of hope. Where people can make their own decisions about what is right and wrong. And where we as a people are willing to explore any legitimate medicine for the healing powers they possess and not based on dated propaganda meant to mislead.

Thus a new age of psychedelics will be born and the healing powers we have seen in Ibogaine will be explored in more depth and available to all of those who need the healing powers found inside.


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