Activities and Recreation

Activities and Recreation

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Activities 2Ibogaine University Medical Center places full recovery, both mentally and physically, at the top of the list. We have a direct understanding of how activities and entertainment play a huge part in the full recovery process.

We want the time you spend at our facility to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Not only will your life change dramatically in a matter of days due to the Ibogaine treatment itself, but we also want you to have deep memories, thinking back fondly of the time spent enjoying your life, learning new things, and spending time with new people who are in the same process as you.


Recovery and stimulation play a significant role in the overall process of complete recovery. Our program of activities for patients after treatment is unique because it has been designed by a variety of individuals who have undergone Ibogaine treatment themselves and understand the challenges faced by patients personally.

Activities Inside the Clinic

To start off, the recreation areas inside of our facility contain significant libraries of both books and DVDs, a variety of board games, large screen HDTV’s, and more. This gives patients more than enough to do when they are inside the facility.

However, much of the activities we will participate in are outside of our facilities. This includes access to a massage room with a professional masseuse providing a considerable amount of relaxation. This is extremely vital in the recovery process.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Outside of our facility we have immediate access to some very exciting and relaxing options. We have movie theaters, beach front access, day spa, and other facilities very close by. This provides us with options that will help keep our patients relaxed and entertained as they settle into their new selves.

These types of activities are very important for the healing process and we want patients to feel secure and busy as they recover.


Along with the daily activities we also provide excursions for our patients. These usually included adventure as well as physical activity. This includes ziplining, touring, ocean exploration, and many other activities that are outside of the ordinary.

These types of excursions are extremely enjoyable in the Mexico environment that our facility is located in. The warm, tropical climate allows us to explore through trees and on beach fronts that only a resort town could offer.

Exercise and Yoga

We also want patients to stay healthy and have access to daily exercise routines. This is why we offer access to gyms as well as yoga, running, and other activities. Not only does this give patients something to do while they recover, it also helps them get into healthy habits that will increase their chances of success when they leave Ibogaine University.

Overall, we want our patients to feel constantly busy and entertained as they recover from their Ibogaine treatment. This will help take their mind off of their old lives while helping them get used to their new selves. We want to do all we can to provide healthy and uplifting activities for our patients to enjoy. to finally become the person you know you can be. Self honesty, hard work, and the right tools are the only way to achieve this great goal of being your best self but we know you can do it and we will help you along the way.