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robin williams

Our Unfortunate Loss

The tragic loss of Robin Williams earlier this week has saddened numerous hearts and opened the eyes of many to the internal battles this iconic actor faced in his personal life. Although this man was responsible for bringing countless people pleasure and laughs, he struggled with both severe depression and[…]

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Global Drug Trade Infographic

The Massive Global Drug Trade

With drug abuse and drug addiction on the rise it is worth taking another look at the large world of drug trade that surrounds these rising numbers. While addiction is a topic that is heavily researched and reviewed, the underground world feeding drug addiction and drug use is rarely seen[…]

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United Nations War on Drugs

United Nations Opposes New Drug Laws

“The times they are a changin’,” and new laws are beginning to replace old ideals throughout the world. The recent legalization of marijuana in many US states and Uruguay have forward thinkers rejoicing, yet old idealists are in no hurry to jump on the bandwagon of legalization any time soon.[…]

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