Is Ibogaine the Right Addiction Treatment for You?

Is Ibogaine the Right Addiction Treatment for You?

Anyone who has been held tightly in the clutches of addiction knows just how difficult it can be to actually set one’s self free. The thing is no one else can do it for you. If you’re struggling with addiction and think you need help, you must be the one to take the first step. Finding the courage to get treatment or go into rehab isn’t easy, but neither is living the rest of your life addicted to drugs or alcohol.

For those who are ready to take the step towards a better life, treatment often serves as the only option. While there are those that can kick their habit by themselves, for others ceasing to use on one’s own doesn’t even register as a possibility. With the many treatment options available it can be tricky choosing what kind of addiction therapy would work best for your own unique needs.

How Well Does Traditional Treatment Work?

While many choose the traditional route and enter into 12-step programs and the like, these programs don’t always work for everyone. Because these are the most widely known of addiction treatments and serve as the “go-to” for those seeking help, most people assume these programs work the best. The thing is however, that these programs only run about a 5-10 percent success rate.

When the Big Book of AA came out in 1939, the American Medical Association called it a “combination of propaganda and religious extortion.” With this being said, AA has still become one of the largest addiction treatment programs there is. It is something that’s court ordered as a condition for many non-violent drug offenders and is the program most turned to by the masses.

But traditional 12-step programs like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous don’t work for everyone. Unfortunately there aren’t very many other places to turn in the US if you’re looking for help. Which is exactly why many are looking outside the States towards alternative treatments that are showing promise, where traditional programs hold none.

Ibogaine as an Alternative Addiction Treatment

One of the most popular alternative addiction treatments is surprisingly found in the root of an African shrub, and is a substance so powerful that it is taking precedence as one of the most reliable treatments for people with serious problems with addiction. Ibogaine is changing lives and is something that should be seriously considered by those who struggle within the depths of addiction.

The only problem with ibogaine however, is that it’s illegal in the US and considered a Schedule Class I substance, deemed as dangerous as the very drugs it helps one to quit. Those seeking treatment must travel to places where ibogaine is legal or not regulated by law, namely Mexico, Canada, and South and Central America.

Ibogaine has been around for hundreds of years and is something that has been used ceremoniously by the Bwiti tribe in Africa for centuries. Used in rites of passage ceremonies and also as powerful healing substance, ibogaine made its way West in the 1960s where it was discovered by happenstance to cure heroin addiction. And it did so in only a couple days, expelling both the physical and psychological dependency that keeps so many people hooked and stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction.

How Does Ibogaine Work?

Ibogaine is perhaps so powerful because it works to quell addiction at both a physical and psychological level. Within only a few hours after taking ibogaine physical withdrawal symptoms are vanquished and one is taken on an inner journey that helps them to release their psychological dependency.

Ibogaine is no doubt a hallucinogen, which is namely the reason it is still very illegal in places like the US who continue to hold strict laws against the use of psychedelics. Ibogaine however isn’t like taking a “trip” for pleasure and you won’t find many people using ibogaine just to get high.

Ibogaine is powerful. It is a substance known for bringing up repressed memories and traumas, the very ones that have led most down the dark path of addiction in the first place. These memories are uncovered, worked through, and released allowing one to find acceptance and forgiveness for where they’ve been as well as hope for a bright future ahead.

Is Ibogaine Right for You?

Ultimately you are the only one who knows what kind of treatment will ultimately work in your favor. If you’ve tried traditional addiction treatments in the past without positive results, ibogaine may in fact be an excellent alternative for you to look into. No one deserves to live trapped in the cages of addiction, and ibogaine is something that just may hold the key to set you free.

With an upwards of an 80 percent success rate, ibogaine has offered many addicts the prospect for a positive future that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. Ibogaine works and has the potential to work wonders for those seeking an alternative to treatment programs that don’t resonate with who they are. Ibogaine could possibly be the one treatment that can finally set you free.


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