arizona teacher fired

Arizona Professor Fired for Examining Effects of Medicinal Marijuana

Although medical marijuana is gaining momentum across the nation, there are still those that hold onto old ideals and belief systems and don’t want to see the progression of this substance used for medicine. The University of Arizona recently fired prominent marijuana researcher, Suzanne A. Sisley, who was working on[…]

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new rules of medical marijuana

New Rules of Medicinal Marijuana

With medical marijuana sweeping the nation, it now seems that the government needs much more of this natural medicine for research purposes than originally thought. Initially, the production quota of cannabis for medical testing in 2014 was set at 21 kilograms, or roughly 46 pounds. In May however, the DEA[…]

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Drug Cartels

How Legalizing Marijuana is Affecting Mexican Cartels

The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is changing the dynamics of illegal drug trade. Everyone has been affected by these recent changes to the law, and those that are perhaps feeling this shift the strongest and losing money are south of the border. For years, Mexican cartels[…]

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