Methamphetamine is an extremely dangerous and addictive drug that releases dopamine when ingested in the body. Commonly known as “meth” this drug is being widely produced, used, and sold with the number of meth addicts rising every day. People use meth for the increased sense of pleasure it provides through its release of dopamine that cause neurotransmitters in the brain to release feelings of pleasure, happiness, increased self-esteem, and energy.

While meth releases high amounts of dopamine when use is discontinued it blocks the normal flow of dopamine that is naturally present in the brain. Meth makes a person feel good temporarily and a feeling of increased overall well-being is usually noticed very quickly after taking the drug. This highly addictive substance lasts much longer than other street drugs; a high on meth lasting upwards of eight hours. This is one of the reasons the drug has become so popular and continues to enslave more people every day.

Meth changes the way the brain functions and the negative effects of the drug are often noticed in a very short period of time. When the drug begins to wear off a person will notice increased irritability, anger, and overall feelings of negativity. Because it blocks the flow of dopamine it is impossible to feel good after the meth is gone from one’s system. With increased use meth causes neurotoxicity in the brain and central nervous system.

Meth affects the body both physically and psychologically and the changes in both are dramatic. Physically, meth destroys the body from the inside out. It is extremely dangerous to vital organ function and causes one’s appearance to change drastically for the worse. Psychologically, the drug can cause a decreased sense of well-being, depression, feelings of inadequacy, and with continued use can lead to amphetamine psychosis.

Ibogaine and the Treatment of Meth Addiction

Traditional treatments for meth addiction usually involve some kind of twelve step program or something similar with success in treating the addiction between one and seven percent. With these low percentages of success, traditional treatments for methamphetamine addiction also usually last 3-6 months but can take up to a year.

Treatment of meth addiction with Ibogaine is an entirely different story. With a 60-80 percent success rate in treating addictions, treatment with Ibogaine is done in less than a week and is administered in one 36 hour treatment. This psycho-spiritual treatment works in ending both the physical and psychological addiction of meth by treating both of these issues at once.

Physically Ibogaine works to relieve symptoms of withdrawal such as sweating, itchy skin, shakes, and twitches that users of meth often feel after the drug has worn off.  Patients that have used Ibogaine for the treating meth addiction have reported a complete absence of the physical symptoms once treatment is over.

Ibogaine works by resetting the neurotransmitters in the brain. It also works as a psycho-spiritual tool that helps the patient look deeply into their past to find the root problem of their addiction. People with addictions usually are victims of deep emotional traumas and seek to find an escape of this through their drug of choice. Ibogaine takes the patient on a deep introspective psychological journey that allows them to forgive others that have hurt them as well as forgive themselves for things they’ve done that they regret and continue to carry with them.

This healing process is broken down into two separate phases starting first with visionary psychedelics and then moving to an introspective phase. The visionary stage lasts between four to six hours and produces a dream-like altered state of consciousness where past emotional traumas and memories can be processed. The second stage of Ibogaine which is introspective of the first allows addicts to conquer their fears and negative emotions that are caused from their past traumas.

At the end of the 36 hour treatment session patients are left with a refreshing look on life. Treatment with Ibogaine offers addicts a new found outlook on life and all the possibilities it can hold. By releasing old wounds that are embedded deeply in an addict’s psyche, Ibogaine allows for complete transformation at a deep psychological level.

Ibogaine offers an alternative to other addiction treatments and can help those addicted to meth to quit this vicious drug for good. Life after treatment with Ibogaine will open up to a promising future and give those that were addicted to meth a reason to keep living. With Ibogaine you will become free from the chains of addiction and embrace a future full of opportunity.