Other Addictions

Other Addictions

Anyone who suffers from addiction knows how painful being trapped in an addictive cycle can be. Addictions are not limited to substance abuse and a person can become addicted to a number of different things. Addiction usually stems from deep emotional trauma and addicts use their addictions to numb themselves from the pain and dissatisfaction they feel from these events and memories that have become deeply embedded in their subconscious mind.

People that have suffered from past emotional trauma do not always turn to drugs to numb their pain or dissatisfaction with life. Instead, they may become addicted to things such as television, gambling, pornography, or playing video games. All these things take the user away from their true essence and numb whatever it is they are unhappy with. Addiction may also show up as heavy cigarette smoking that people use as a tool to try and lessen feelings of anxiety or low self-esteem.

Treatment for these various addictions is hard to find, and those that become addicted to anything other than drugs may find themselves in a cycle of addiction they cannot seem to find a way out of. Treatment for various addictions with Ibogaine can help those that feel that there is no end to their addictive habits by completely transforming an individual’s mind, allowing them to recognize the reasons for their addiction, process these reasons, and move into a life that is addiction free and full of hope.

Ibogaine and the Treatment of Various Addictions

Treatment with Ibogaine is available to those who can’t seem to control their addictive habits. Whatever one’s addiction of “choice” may be, Ibogaine can help by helping one realize why they have become addicted in the first place. No one really chooses to be an addict, yet once they find themselves there, it is a trap that can be enslaving for life. Whether it is an addiction to cigarettes, television, pornography, video games, or even a negative self-image Ibogaine can release the reasons one becomes a slave to their addiction.

Ibogaine works by resetting the neurotransmitters in one’s brain and takes the addict on a deeply introspective psychological journey that helps them to discover deeply buried emotional traumas and events that have led them down the road of addiction. Those that are treated with Ibogaine have a 60-80% chance of overcoming their addiction for good. Treatment for various addictions with Ibogaine has proven to be effective and help addicts discover an entirely new way of living.

Ibogaine works by relieving both physical and psychological addictions. Those that are addicted to things such as video games, pornography, and television will be relieved of the anxiety that comes when these things are not available. It will also relieve the physical symptoms of nicotine withdraw that some claim is almost as hard to quit as heroin.

More often than not, people that are addicted to various things such as television, the internet, and video games are trying to fill some void in their life that stems from things that have happened in their past. Ibogaine works as a psycho-spiritual tool that takes addicts on a deep psychological journey to help them uncover the reasons they became addicted in the first place and aid as a tool in self-discovery. Those that are treated with Ibogaine for various addictions usually find themselves in a completely different state of mind after treatment is over without the need to numb their minds with their addiction of choice.

Ibogaine works in two different phases. The first phase produces an altered state of consciousness. This phase of treatment usually lasts between 4-6 hours where the patient is in a dream-like state. This state of consciousness takes the patient into a deep psychological visionary journey where the patient recalls past life traumas and disturbing memories that have subconsciously led them to addiction in the first place.

The second phase of treatment is known as the introspective phase and allows the patient to process the memories that were uncovered in the visionary phase. This deeply insightful aspect of Ibogaine will help the patient to forgive others who have caused them pain and ultimately led them to their addictive habits. Most importantly, Ibogaine helps the patient to forgive themselves and move past the reasons they have lost themselves in their addiction of choice.

Ibogaine helps those with addiction problems see an entirely different future that is full of hope and opportunity. After the approximately 36 hours that Ibogaine is working in their mind, patients feel refreshed and see the world around them in an entirely different light. Ibogaine does much more than simply mask addictive habits like some other treatments do. With Ibogaine an addict is changed at a deeply psychological level and opens doors to endless possibilities and opportunities.