Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Ibogaine University Treatment Center Main Dining

ibogaine university treatment clinic entertainment centerIbogaine University is one of the most remarkable Ibogaine Treatment Centers because it is a fully equipped and licensed, which means all medical care and treatment are done on location so there is no waiting on doctors or need to call for emergency medical assistance. We believe that proper medical care is vital to the comfort and safety of the patient physically. As well, the environment grants each patient peace of mind regarding their individual care so that they are truly able to focus and attain the proper mindset for treatment with no extraneous worries. Each patient is provided their own room for their stay with us, which ensures privacy and a space to contemplate their personal growth. All rooms contain private bathroom with shower, are furnished with a TV that offers American satellite programming, DVD player, large closet, and furniture to relax in. While being in a licensed medical center is of utmost importance, we have also gone to great lengths to break the convention of austerity and make the clinic colorful and relaxing.

While it is important for each patient’s room to be their own unique safe haven, it must also be understood that no one will want to stay in their room the entire time, in fact we encourage everyone to be involved in our group activities and discussions. To facilitate this we have provided a plethora of opportunities for recreation and personal growth. Ibogaine University is the largest Ibogaine Treatment Center anywhere and with that space we take full advantage to provide all possible amenities, recreation, and learning activities. We have two unique locations which we utilize for treatment and recuperation in tandem. The following are all standard features available for each patient:

  • Indoor heated pool and hot tub
  • Both indoor and outdoor yoga space
  • Hyperbaric chamber (enriched pressurized hyper-oxygenated environment for healing of the brain, off site activity)
  • Recreation room, which contains pool table, board games, PS4 and XBOXOne on large screen HDTV, and large book and media library.
  • Beachfront access used for walks and outdoor activities
  • Art therapy and Music therapy
  • Massage
  • Group discussions centered around preparation and empowerment

Our Staff:

Ibogaine University is first focused on comfortable and safe Ibogaine treatment but we here at the University put great emphasis on education after treatment to ensure a successful and happy life. We have brought together a team of professionals that have a tremendous amount of conventional medical experience while also having become some of the foremost leaders in the Ibogaine community. As well, we utilize a variety of counselors ranging from a clinical psychologist to former addicts who have successfully overcome their addiction via Ibogaine treatment centers in an effort to connect with and truly empathize with each patients unique needs. Finally, there is the activities team whose sole job is to stimulate new productive habits and encourage healthy activities. By providing this three-fold approach: Ibogaine therapy, diverse counseling, and beneficial activity we truly believe every patient will acquire the best chance at overcoming their dilemma.

Medical Staff:

Our dual lead physicians who are in charge of a full compliment of nurses and caretakers head our medical team. The doctors are licensed in the fields of General Medicine and the Emergency room making any and all situations manageable. Both physicians are bilingual and have spent numerous years both performing and training for Ibogaine treatment. Our nursing staff and caretakers are a contingent of male and female to accommodate all patients and they too have been working in the Ibogaine field at other Ibogaine treatment centers. Their greatest trait though is their empathic nature, which enables them to best maintain comfort and solace for each patient at all times.

Counseling Staff:

Our counseling group is directed by our in-house clinical psychologist, Oscar, who is a licensed Psychologist who specializes in drug addiction. Working alongside him are our very own handpicked counselors who have established sobriety after years of addiction which the assistance of Ibogaine and whom patients are able to converse with and relate too while receiving guidance. These individuals have been down many of the same roads, made the same mistakes, and experienced some of the worst pitfalls life has to offer but despite all that they have succeeded in overcoming and will help your friend or loved one do the same.

Treatment Coordinator:

Many of you before coming to treatment only have the experience to talk with our Treatment Coordinator, Charles Johnston. This means you are placing a great deal of trust and faith in someone you have yet to meet but what you can be sure of is that Charles is inspired to provide the same opportunity of freedom from addiction and mental illness that he was afforded through Ibogaine treatment. There is nothing he would rather do with his life because is it his sincere belief that Ibogaine gave him back the life he had lost to addiction. As a founder of Ibogaine University, it is his mission to provide the best environment that any Ibogaine treatment center could provide. As you know by now, he is easily accessible by phone, facebook, twitter, or email so give him a minute if you haven’t already and find out how you can get back what you thought you might have lost forever, your freedom.