Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Preparing for treatment

Drug addiction recovery preparation

7 NEW and  OLD Therapies

We can stack our new program up against any “rehab” in the world. Daily groups, daily individual therapy, BioFeedback, Hypnotherapy, Relapse prevention+mindfulness + emotional intelligence curriculums, 12 Step Work or (optional), Bio-Magnetism, Acupuncture, Chinese tonic treatments( 5x per day), Biofeedback, EEG , Family Constellations Therapy, Art Therapy as well as mindful movement practice of Qigong and Yoga. Come and experience the most advanced program combining plant medicines with the best of the treatment world and cognitive behavioral therapies.


Outpatient Medically Supervised Methadone/Suboxone Transition

Because of the long half life of these substance clients seeking to do ibogaine must be off of them for at least 3 weeks before they can safely be treated with ibogaine. We have a program that will allow you to visit one of our doctors and receive a legal prescription for 3 weeks worth of short acting opiates to help facilitate a transition off of suboxone or methadone from home.


Inpatient Medically Supervised Methadone/Suboxone Transition

We offer the only residential pretreatment transition program available for those who need to transition off of suboxone, methadone or other drugs or medications to prepare for ibogaine treatment. Includes transition medication and full spectrum healing therapies and modalities.


7 Day Medically Supervised Ibogaine Detox

We offer a medically supervised comprehensive detox with support therapies second to none. For those suffering from opiate dependance we have stabilizing medications that help you to avoid the painful discomfort of withdrawals the few days you are with us prior to treatment. Our patients arrive in San Diego were they are met by our driver who brings them safely across the border to our 2 beach front homes located in a private gated community just 20 minutes across from the border. The first 2 days are spent preparing for treatment and getting all of the necessary medical testing required by our doctors prior to your ibogaine treatment. The actual ibogaine treatment process last 36 hours with the intense visionary component lasting approximately 8 – 10 hours. Once you are fully recovered we focus on integration and preperation for your return home. While our 7 day detox is effective especially with a good recovery pan upon return home, most of our clients could benefit from and extended stay and more therapies.


Extended Stay (2 – 4 Weeks)

We have plenty of space and a great curriculum for recovery for those that want to make the most out of their ibogaine experience. Please consider that most addiction is but a symptom of underlying core traumas that drive those addictions and are rarely addressed overnight. We also have to consider what it takes to develop new coping mechanisms for life and emotional maturity so we welcome our guests to stay longer and take advantage of our experience staff of trained therapists.


Tune Up Weekends

Every one of our clients receives one “Tune Up” weekend! We want to encourage you to Come back and visit us after 3 months and take a smaller dose of Ibogaine to reinforce the nor-ibogaine in your system and skyrocket your chance of recovery success.


Recovery Coaching Aftercare

Every 30 day treatment program includes 6 weeks of recovery coaching. If you come for less time, there is a small cost but it is a fraction of standard rates but will also dramatically improve chances of recovery “sticking”.


Other Plant Medicine Ceremonies

We have partnered with a registered 5th generation Mexican shaman that comes from the Sonoran desert, offering ceremony and healing work, please inquire for more details.


Vision Quests

Once per month, we take prepared clients to the desert for a 24 hour vision quest. This period of reflection provides an opportunity for profound healing and self discovery, a rite of passage that greatly increases sustained recovery.

Clients must be physically prepared beforehand with small fasts, physical conditioning and days of juice/smoothie’s only.

Thanks for referring others to us for treatment!

We so appreciate you referring others to our program, we’d love to offer you a free tuneup weekend or other plant medicine ceremony in gratitude!


Clinical Trials Program

We are preparing to have a regulated clinical trials program for opiate users receiving Ibogaine. All applicants receive 50% off, if selected for 1 year clinical trial. Email us of your interest in participating.



Crowdfunding for your Treatment

We now have a new crowdfunding component on our website that is 100% private. You can start a crowdfunding campaign, like GoFundMe or KickStarter, and get 50 of your friends and family to donate $100 to your treatment. Get your treatment funded in a few hours by the love of your family and friends.

We take credit cards

We now are able to accept credit cards through a very simple transaction of bitcoin. We will walk you through every step of the 5 minute process. Ask me how.


1 SPONSORED Treatment per week

Scholarships available from donations from our past cients! We now offer 1 treatment per week at 50% of the normal rate. Call for details on how to apply.