Our Treatment Schedule

Our Treatment Schedule

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Here is our treatment schedule so you can better understand what your experience at Ibogaine University will be like.

Day One – Preparing for Treatment

Here is our treatment schedule so you can better understand what your experience at Ibogaine University will be like.

Day One – Preparing for Treatment

Our guests arrive in San Diego where they are met by one of our staff. After a short 30 minute drive, you will arrive at our treatment center located on the beach in a secure gated community where you will be greeted by our staff and others being treated. Safety is our top priority and due to the nature of addiction we always conduct a search of our guests bags to make sure no potentially dangerous substances were brought with them.

* Stabilization medications are provided for those that need to avoid withdrawal.

After we complete our intake process you will be assigned your room and given an orientation. We have morning exercise, morning group check in, walks on the beach and one on one counseling to help prepare you for this amazing process of transformation.

Day 2 – Medical Screening

Ibogaine Treatment Benefits

Each patient will meet with one of our doctors for pre-treatment screening including an EKG/ECG and blood work (basic metabolic panel to assess liver function) to help minimize the risks associated with ibogaine. Any medical needs will be addressed so that the patient will be stabilized and comfortable to prepare for the ibogaine treatment.

Day 3 – Treatment Day

Once all requirements for treatment are met and you are ready we set a time for treatment which usually starts at night. Treatment is done in a comfortable bed accompanied by emergency medical equipment and our trained medical staff. Once you are comfortable and mentally prepared, the medical staff will attach the monitoring equipment in preparation for administration of the ibogaine. First a low dose is administered to be sure their is no allergic reaction. After this the flood dose is given.

The effects of the ibogaine treatment are usually felt within an hour and usually last anywhere from 12 to 36 hours with 20 hours being the norm. ibogaine greatly interferes with a person’s coordination and ability to walk, so while in this state a member of our medical staff is always available to them, checking regularly on them. Also, vital signs are constantly being monitored by the medical equipment.

Day 4 – Resting and Recovery

Day 4 is about resting the body and the mind, and reflecting on your ibogaine treatment. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel tired and have trouble sleeping and it may take a few days to get back on a normal sleep schedule. This is an extremely important step in the process, as it allows the patient to better understand the powerful experience they have just been through.

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Days 5-7 – Post Treatment Activities

After the primary effects have mostly worn off, we spend the rest of the time at Ibogaine University with more mentally stimulating and engaging activities. Patients will meet with various therapists and begin preparing for their life back in the real world.  We do yoga, sweat lodges, gym, daily groups, meditation, one on one counseling and continued care preparation.

After Ibogaine – Post Ibogaine Treatment and Continuing Care

Treatment does not stop after leaving Ibogaine University it actually is just getting started. Included in our treatment is one on one counseling phone calls with our team of recovery coaches. They help you develop your own personal recovery program and are available to work with you once you leave.