safe ibogaine treatment

Making a New Years Resolution with Ibogaine

Welcoming the New Year is all about change and making goals for a fresh new start full of new opportunity. For the addict, however, New Year’s and all the celebration can bring about an impending sense of doom as they step into the new year still living their old nightmare[…]

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What keeps ibogaine from being addictive

What Keeps Ibogaine and Iboga from Being Addictive?

Found in the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to Africa, ibogaine is a chemical compound of this shrub that is unprecedented in the treatment of addiction. Ibogaine is responsible for greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms that are common in those trying to beat drug addiction. Working deeply within the[…]

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ibogaine university safe ibogaine treatment

Ibogaine University: Working to Keep Patients Safe

It is always unfortunate when unexpected tragedy strikes, and the recent death of a patient at another Ibogaine clinic is evident proof of this. While there is inherent risk in all treatments it is important to understand that with the proper precautions this misfortune could have been avoided entirely. When[…]

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