No More a Mindless Drone

Ibogaine testimonialsHi, if you are reading this letter, have a raging opiate addiction, and truly want out–look no further. I took a chance on Ibogaine and Ibogaine University. I consider my Ibogaine treatment the single most amazing and beautiful experience in my life. I used opiates for ten years and at the end my addiction literally owned me.

Within two days in Mexico with these guys I was free mentally physically and spiritually from my demon. This is not “rehab,” and didn’t feel like rehab in any way, it just felt like I was hanging with some cool mother f#$kers that have all been where I was and were literally put there by God to save me. Words cannot even describe how thankful I am to Charles, Randy, and all the help there.

Within two days in Mexico with these guys I was free mentally physically and spiritually from my demon.

My room and laundry were cleaned every day by the sweetest and most trustworthy people in the world. Amazing food was prepared at any time of day at my whim and not only was my clear head restored but so was my faith in humanity, for when you see the amount of good people behind the scenes which are orchestrated and timed perfectly to carry out your experience, you realize that what they charge is not enough. It becomes obvious that these people just do this for the love of giving others the beautiful gift that they themselves had once been given.

The change happens so quickly that you literally are the highest you have ever been just exploring the world as a real human again instead of a mindless drone. Again, I had struggled with this addiction for years and it was the most awful living nightmare imaginable and have tried endless modalities of detox and wouldn’t have believed this miracle had I not experienced it first hand. The set and setting are perfect. The facility is a mansion of a beach house which is situated on a bluff on the golden coast. I wish to remain anonymous on any literature online but I also feel compelled to give back by paying it forward so if you are someone who is on the edge ask Charles for my phone number and I would be glad to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have about the experience or the facility.

Again, I cannot even put into words what these people have done for me. nearly sixty days clean and NO CRAVINGS!!!


Anonymous – treated February 12, 2014

Ibogaine: The Healer – Summer S.

Ibogaine testimonialsIbogaine is my miracle drug. How else could I go from 15 years of heroin, methadone, alcohol, and cigarette use on a Monday to running around Tijuana two days later eating street tacos and going to see the Hobbit sober and functioning pretty well?

Basically, Ibogaine takes what would be a fully 110% kick and takes it down to 20% for maybe a week and then after that just leaves you okay, but not sleeping regularly. Which definitely beats writhing on the ground, vomiting and so forth. Which I have done many times. And I have left many many rehabs because I am a total wimp at kicking.

Charles and Malcolm went above and beyond, too. There was always a snack and a blanket and something to occupy the time readily available.

But Ibogaine actually makes kicking possible for even me. You know, a huge part of it is the elimination of the drug craving and also a new, more positive outlook on things as a result of the trip. Charles and Malcolm went above and beyond, too. There was always a snack and a blanket and something to occupy the time readily available. And they were there to talk to, which was invaluable considering we’ve experienced some common ground.

So my actual trip was pretty mellow. Basically just melting swaths of colorful fabrics on the ceiling. Once, when I had the blindfold on for a while I saw what I suppose were the cells of the universe, converging and linking up almost lego-style and I had this profound realization that we are all one.

However, just a few of these cells stood out to me. Something was special about them and I truly believe I’m carrying one of those cells. So that is what I learned at the Ibogaine University–mainly, that I can function soberly (two weeks, one day, and counting!), and that there is only one of me out there, one Mommy to my two boys, one wife to my husband, one human Summer S.–and that I am a special individual.

And you know what’s crazy, while you are on the Ibogaine, you can actually hear your brain resetting, all up and down your head. It’s a sort of metallic sound and it kinda goes: bwiti bwiti bwiti bwiti bwiti bwiti bwiti bwiti…


Summer S. – treated December 16, 2013

How I Spend My Time!

Ibogaine testimonialsIf I had to choose an event in my life to have had the most profound effect on me and my existence I would choose the week I spent at Ibogaine University. Ibogaine cured my addiction to opiates and removed any cravings or withdrawals that always occur during a typical detox. That in and of itself is miraculous.

The care and compassion I received at Ibogaine University went beyond anything I had imagined. Because of Charles Johnston, Randy McCurdy, and their professional team I believe in myself and am filled with strength I didn’t know existed within me.

Ibogaine cured my addiction. Ibogaine University made it happen.


Anonymous – treated April 23, 2014