The Dark Path of Drug Addiction

The Dark Path of Drug Addiction

The path to the deep trenches of addiction is complicated and complex at best. What starts with one drink or using drugs just once can turn into a lifelong struggle on a road that is one of the rockiest one has ever known. For those who unfortunately slip into full-blown addiction there is a progression that takes place over time. This progression from habit to complete dependency is life shattering, with the stages that encompass it becoming the course that leads one to lose all personal power. The path of addiction is very real, and one far too many have allowed themselves to walk.

Stages on the Path to Addiction

While the addiction itself is different for everyone, the stages that addiction contains are similar for everyone who finds themselves powerless to their substance of choice. Following are the common stages on the path to addiction:

• Recreational Use
Every addict must start using somewhere. Most people that become addicts start out using drugs or alcohol recreationally. Whether it’s through their own free-will or peer pressure, everyone starts using recreationally or experimentally. Not everyone is obviously going to turn into an addict, but this is certainly where all addiction begins.

• Regular Use
Recreational use can quickly turn into regular use depending on the person using. For those who enjoy drugs and alcohol, they’ll begin to use more frequently to attain that desired feeling of euphoria. Some people never move beyond regular use and can function perfectly normally using regularly, yet never losing full control over their habit.

• Substance Abuse
For those that do lose control they can quickly slip into substance abuse. This is a stage on the path to addiction that if let go, can lead to further issues of reliance on drugs to get them by. Here is where an addict begins to greatly lose their own personal power, succumbing instead to the false sense of security they feel when using.

• Dependency
For those who have made it this far on addiction’s dark path, they’ll have found that they’ve more than likely made many bad choices and burned one too many bridges. Their need to feel the high drugs and alcohol gives them to just get by however, greatly outweighs any motivation to quit using. In this stage, people become more deeply entrapped in their reliance to this substance. Dependency is the final step before one stumbles into full on addiction.

• Addiction
The path to get to this final stage will be long for some and much shorter for others, yet results are nonetheless devastating. Reaching addiction is an unfortunate place to find one’s self in. Here is where one has lost all power and is not only psychologically addicted to their chosen substance, but has succumb to physical addiction as well. Anyone who has ever tried to beat heroin knows just how debilitating physical addiction can be. This final stage on the path is addiction itself and is a place that sadly, many people stay in for the rest of their lives.

The stages involved in addiction are ones many have found themselves in at one time or another. Drug and alcohol use is widespread and countless people around the world are using something to get high. Over 200 million people worldwide use illicit substances, with many of them finding themselves faltering through the stages of addiction.

Stepping Off the Path of Addiction

Many that walk the path don’t even realize that they’re on it until it’s too late. Ask any addict when it was they turned from recreational user to dependent drug addict and they’ll likely shake their head in wonder. One thing’s for sure though. Once in it, addiction can feel all but impossible to get out of.

Stepping off the path of addiction and onto one that involves real healing and a whole new way of approaching the world isn’t easy. Going from living in a clouded reality where painful emotions stay suppressed to facing these feelings is undoubtedly a challenge. It’s for this reason that many stay trapped in addiction, staggering through life in a powerless struggle until it’s unfortunately too late.

In order to truly set one’s self free from continuing down this dark path, treatment for addiction is vital. It is through treatment that one can learn to retrace the steps they took and finally choose to walk a different way. While there have been some that have managed to find the strength within to leave their addiction behind, there are those that need gently guidance through the darkness and back into the light.

Stepping off the path of addiction takes great courage and finding it within to seek treatment is another journey all its own. Once taken however, the path away from addiction can prove to be life changing. And something that offers hope where it once seemed lost forever. Those that choose to walk away from addiction and find another way ultimately are finally finding their long forgotten freedom.


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