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At Ibogaine University we appreciate the importance of community in the healing process. We offer a comfortable beach front setting that makes the entire treatment process more enjoyable for patients, and less stressful for those sending their loved ones away for treatment.

Our non-judgmental, practical approach to recovery meets people right where they are. We have 2 beach-front homes where we offer supervised transitional housing for those needing to let go of attachments, negative mind sets, compulsive behaviors or any other issues keeping them from feeling happy, joyous and free.

Our loving community is helping people get reconnected and finding their purpose. We welcome all souls to make healing and growth a priority, to give yourself the gift of time to renew your body and spirit and share the joy of transformation that can come from sacred plant medicines and conscious communal living and loving in a safe therapeutic environment. Now is the time to create daily spiritual practice, connect with higher wisdom for healing, and let go of old attachments and behaviors that know longer serve us.

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