Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Ibogaine is a powerful aid in the treatment of various addictions. Used for addiction treatment, Ibogaine is a deeply psychological tool that aids in resetting the neurotransmitters of an addict’s brain and allows them to heal their addictions in a way no other treatment plan offers. Ibogaine offers a sixty percent success rate for patients to live addiction free and experience an entirely new way of life.

With Ibogaine treatment for addictions such as heroin, alcohol, methamphetamines, and more patients will confront the issues that led to these addictions in the first place and allow them to put them behind them for good. Ibogaine is also excellent for treating mental health issues such as depression, extreme cases of anxiety, and PTSD. With Ibogaine patients are offered a new lease on life and fresh eyes with which to see the world.

There are a variety of conditions that can be treated with Ibogaine and when a patient understands that Ibogaine is something that works their world of addiction will shatter when they release that which has been holding them down. Ibogaine has been successfully helpful in treating the following conditions:

• Methamphetamines

Ibogaine helps eliminate both the physical and mental addiction that keeps meth addicts in their chains of addiction. Ibogaine helps to eliminate physical withdrawal symptoms such as the sweats, itchy skin, shakes, and twitches that meth users experience when the drug has worn off. It also helps to relieve psychological addiction to the drug by taking the user on an introspective journey to release the reasons one chose to do meth in the first place.

• Cocaine and Crack

About 25% of people that use cocaine become dependent on this drug that produces feelings of well-being. When the high wears off as it quickly does, users become dependent on more and more of the drug to continue to feel good. Ibogaine helps to eliminate the symptoms of cocaine and crack withdrawal such as depression, trouble concentrating, increased appetite, and somnolence. It also helps to reset the neurotransmitters of one’s brain that have been damaged due to excessive cocaine and crack use.

• Opiates and Pills

The use of opiates such as heroin has increased dramatically over the past years and there are more people addicted to opiates and pills than ever before. Ibogaine is an essential tool in eliminating the terrible physical withdrawal symptoms that heroin produces such as cold sweats, shakes, fever, and vomiting. It is also an excellent aid in releasing the memories and past situations that led to addiction in the first place.
• Alcohol

Ibogaine offers an excellent alternative to traditional twelve step programs that are common in treating alcohol addiction. It helps eliminate physical withdrawal symptoms such as the shakes and sweats that are common when people stop drinking. After Ibogaine treatment, former alcoholics will have forgiven both themselves and others for harmful things that were done in the past due to excessive drinking.

• Mental Health

Ibogaine is also a wonderful tool to move beyond mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Ibogaine takes the patient on a deep psychological journey that helps them to identify the reasons for their issues, process the reasons why they have been affected with mental instability, and move on from these issues once and for all. Ibogaine helps a person with depression forgive others, and most importantly allows them to forgive themselves for any regrets they have that kept them in a dark mental state.

• Other Addictions

Ibogaine works like a miracle for any type of addiction. One’s addiction does not have to be drugs in order for Ibogaine to work effectively. Ibogaine treatment has been used in treating addictions of all kinds including gambling, eating, smoking, pornography, and more. By getting to the root of the reason for addiction, Ibogaine helps clear the mind for a future free from any addiction that is full of life and possibility.