Safety and Ibogaine

Safety and Ibogaine

Ibogaine Medical Equipment

Ibogaine Research HistoricallyThe Iboga plant has been used safely in African spiritual rituals for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It was first used medicinally amongst the French in the early 20th century and was found to greatly benefit those who used it. After the FDA classified Ibogaine as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, there has been little government interest but a great deal of underground work has occurred for those seeking to overcome addiction and certain psychological disorders; Ibogaine has received significant amounts of positive attention in the United States despite the legal issues surrounding it. We here at Ibogaine University Medical Center respect the laws and therefore do our treatment work in Mexico but we continually working towards the acceptance of this medication in America through the proper channels.

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Ibogaine is here to help those who are in need of recovery. Like any medicine, Ibogaine should be used responsibly under the supervision of medical professionals. It is important that patients respect the powerful qualities of Ibogaine therapy just as they would any other treatment program. Physician administered treatment is the only proper way to practice Ibogaine treatment and should always be sought out when considering Ibogaine treatment centers.

Ibogaine is an extremely powerful medicine and there are risks involved, especially if it is administered in high doses from the wrong person, but even just unexpected complications may occur. At Ibogaine University, our physicians have been working with Ibogaine for close to 5 years and have treated around 750 patients in that time. Not only do they have extensive Ibogaine treatment experience but they each have 10+ years practicing conventional medicine in each of their specialties. The remaining team of medical professionals includes nurses and caregivers who also have numerous years of Ibogaine work helping patients overcome their addictions through the administration of Ibogaine and post treatment care. All members of the medical team are trained in emergency care and specialize in Ibogaine related situations.

Understanding Risk

Risks associated with Ibogaine include heart and circulatory problems, and all patients must undergo medical screening before they begin treatment. This includes an EKG which will be thoroughly reviewed before treatment is administered. There are the very rare cases where heart failure occurs, and in the likelihood of this, our fully trained medical staff is on hand 24 hours a day to administer the necessary first aid.

Most medical emergencies that are affiliated with Ibogaine can be prevented with the proper medical screening.  As with any treatment there are some risks involved with certain patients that do not take well to the treatment. Even with thorough medical screenings, approximately one percent of all patients will require medical attention.

It is imperative that patients who undergo Ibogaine therapy abstain from any alcohol, medicines, drugs, or psychoactive plant before, during, and immediately after treatment. Many health issues after Ibogaine therapy come from those patients who turn to methods of self-medication such as these after treatment is finished. If there are any medicines you feel you cannot stop using during treatment, please discuss this with one of our staff members so we can determine the proper treatment plan.

Some of the side effects of Ibogaine therapy are loss of muscle coordination and difficulty walking. At Ibogaine University, our professional staff is always there to ensure your safety as the medicine begins to take effect on your body. Each patient is assigned their own nurse who will be assisting and caring for the patient throughout the entire treatment without disrupting the experience. Dry mouth and vomiting are also common side effects of the treatment.

Priority and Safety

Medical Safety with IbogaineThe safety of our patients during their treatment is our top priority. We understand that you are putting your trust in our hands, and we take every measure of precaution to ensure your safety. We also believe in trusting our patients and know that with Ibogaine therapy they have the power to transform their lives. We promote freedom in our beautiful environment, encouraging patients to enjoy this freedom. We only will restrict a patient when absolutely necessary.

Before patients arrive at our treatment facility, all over-the-counter and prescription medicines must be pre-approved before they are brought in. This also includes any medicines that were bought in Mexico after a patient’s arrival. No alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind are permitted at our facilities, and patients will be searched by staff upon checking-in. This is not because we don’t trust our patients, but because we must ensure the safety and well-being of every patient at the treatment facility.

It is important that you speak honestly and are open with our staff at Ibogaine University. We are all here to help and have worked with hundreds of individuals with the same cares and concerns that you may have, and it is important that we know your history so we can put together the most effective treatment plan possible. It is necessary for our staff to know of any psychological disorders, mental health hospitalizations, or neurological disorders before treatment begins. This will help to determine the need for a mental health professional throughout your treatment.

We have put together an Ibogaine treatment plan with the help of dedicated professionals. We are fully trained to provide the safest medical care while providing the best addiction treatment possible. Ibogaine is one of the most powerful medicines when it comes to the treatment of addiction and when used safely under professional medical care, it has the power to change your life and open your mind to a new way of living addiction free.